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Snow Bunny Blog is dedicated to all the white girls who love black cock. This interracial porn site features interracial pics, videos, and DVD reviews. Read interracial sex stories of young white girls and bored white wives turned into black cock worshipping sluts. Cuckold husbands and humiliated fathers will only be able to watch in horror as they see white pussy defiled by black cock and cum. If you are under 18 or offended by interracial porn, please leave.

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I’ve been waiting to post this video for a while because I know you’re all going to LOVE Jessica Bangkok.

First of all, her name is perfect for an Asian slut who loves dark meat. Ms. Bangkok loves to ‘bang cock’ as long as it’s big and black.

Everything in this interracial video is big — starting with Justin Long’s big cock. Jessica has a curvy body for an Asian girl — big tits and a big ass. And when Justin Long pulls her down on his big cock you can see her ass jiggle as he’s pumping in and out of her pussy and fucking her raw. See more at Lethal Interracial

Posted on 03.07.11 by Snow Bunny
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Black and white lesbians - Kelly Wells and Candice Nicole
Interracial lesbians Kelly Wells and Candice Nicole @ Zebra Girls

We all know that Kelly Wells is a complete slut for black men, but did you know that she’s also a slut for black women too?

Black girls hate it when they see white girls with black men. I see them rolling their eyes at me when I’m out in public holding a black man’s hand. And I’ve gotten into fights with black girls when I’m in one of “their” clubs hunting for some black cock.

I know if they had the chance, they would strip me naked and fuck me like a whore…just out of pure spite. Kelly Wells has stolen plenty of black men and Candice Nicole is getting her revenge by taking it out on Kelly’s asshole. She stuffs four fingers into Kelly’s lubed anal cavity until she’s practically fisting her ass. Kelly might be a little sassy at first, but it’s hard to talk shit when you’ve got a black girl’s fist in your asshole.

Candice keeps going with the anal torture and eventually dominates Kelly Wells with a strapon. She fucks her ass and makes this white slut lick her black ass and get every hole used and abused.

This is the interracial lesbian fantasy of every bisexual white slut (me included!). Enjoy!

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Posted on 02.21.11 by Snow Bunny
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Mr. Marcus interracial porn with Danica Dillon
Mr. Marcus interracial porn with Danica Dillon @ Blacks on Blondes

Mr. Marcus is the black man of my fantasies and every white man’s worst nightmare. Why? Because once your wife gets a look at Mr. Marcus, it’s his face that she’ll be thinking about when you’re fucking and his black cock that she’ll be wishing for every night.

Just look at him. Who can resist that chiseled body with rock hard, chocolate abs? And those arms that you want to feel wrapped around your waist while he’s holding you down and giving you those long, deep dick strokes. Speaking of dick, his is amazing. Long and thick with a perfect curve and the kind of juicy head that you can feel as it travels down into the deepest part of your pussy.

Danica Dillon is one lucky slut. And yes, I’m a little bit jealous that it’s not me with my legs spread wide to accommodate Mr. Marcus’ strong body and thick cock. She opens all of her holes for Mr. Marcus — mouth, pussy, and ass — and gives him an all access pass to the most private parts of her body. Watch this interracial porn video @ Dogfart Blacks on Blondes


Posted on 02.18.11 by Snow Bunny
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Bobbi Starr is soooooo good in her interracial porn scenes because she really gives it her all. Whether it’s giving up her asshole for an interracial anal scene or giving up her throat to deepthroat a big black cock, she always does it like she absolutely LOVES it and can’t imagine having anything but that big and beefy black cock in her holes.

She must know what all white women have come to know about black cock — that it gives you the biggest and best orgasms that you’ll ever have. Bobbi Starr gets fucked until she has multiple orgasms in this interracial porn scene and she screams loud enough so that the neighbors can hear and know she’s getting served by BBC.

Bobbi clearly loves to eat black cum too because as this interracial video shows, she looks up at him like she is worshiping a Black God while he jerks his seed into her mouth. When you drink cum, this is how you’re supposed to do it — swish it around your mouth like wine and then swallow it so that it coats the back of your throat. She’ll be burping black cum for the rest of the day…hehe.

Watch this Bobbi Starr interracial video in HD

Posted on 02.16.11 by Snow Bunny
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Wedding night interracial fantasy
Wedding night interracial fantasy courtesy of Interracial Confessions

Did you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day? I know I did. *wink*

Valentine’s Day always makes me think of love, sex, and the commitment a slut wife makes to her black studs even after she’s married.

Your wedding night should be a special night between a wife and her husband. But what better way to make it special than to let him watch his slut wife take a couple of black cocks before giving him a pussy loosened and dripping black seed?

When your cuckold husband carries you over the threshold, he’ll lay you on a bed full of roses and present your white cunt to a couple of black studs who are eagerly waiting to deflower your bride pussy. He’ll sit in the corner with his balls bursting while he watches his white wife unzip their pants and hold in her hands a couple of real dark black cocks. His cuckold mind will be racing as he mentally measures their long and thick cocks against his small white cock. Even when your husband is rock hard, he can’t even hope to be as large as the cocks on these black studs.

Your cuckold husband will watch with his cock dripping in his pants as you start to suck and milk these large black cocks. With your legs spread so that he can see your lacy garters and your bare pussy underneath your wedding dress, you’ll move your mouth from one cock to the other while they push their thick black fingers in and out of your pussy until your girl cream makes a wet spot on your wedding dress.

The perfect bride that everyone saw earlier that day will be completely destroyed. They will fuck your face until your lipstick smears and your mascara runs. But you will open wide and become a black cock bride as you give up your mouth to the complete throat-fucking by their massive black cocks.

But giving up your throat isn’t enough to show your complete commitment to being a slut wife for black men. Your dripping pussy is quivering with wanting to feel those big black cocks inside. They penetrate your married pussy in full view of your husband and he can see just how wet you are as your slimy pussy easily takes their thick black cocks and you leave a trail of wetness up and down their cocks. Your black bull studs fuck you one by one until you can’t tell which one is inside you and all you feel is a haze of cock moving inside you, stretching your pussy, and pounding away deep inside your married cunt.

By now you’ve forgotten that the man you’re married even exists and you lose yourself completely to the lust that these black cocks turn on inside you. You scream at them to fuck your pussy, fill your holes, and promise that your pussy is black owned forever.

No hole is off limits to these black studs and even though your cuck husband has never had the pleasure of fucking your ass (and he never will), he will watch you give up your anal virginity as those black studs penetrate your tight asshole, stretching your hole around their thick cocks and leaving you completely stuffed airtight with a black cock in each hole.

When they’re finished using your creamy white body, your husband will unzip you out of your cum-stained wedding dress and eat several loads of the black man’s cum out of your pussy. And when he tastes their salty cum mixed with his slut wife’s salty pussy juices, he’ll come to appreciate the fact that his wife will always be a white bitch for black men.

I hope you all enjoyed this wedding night interracial fantasy ~ Love, Snowbunny!

Read more true interracial confessions from real white women just like Snow Bunny!

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